Hi! I’m Tanya Doan.

As a Photo Editor specializing in storytelling and image research, I weave together compelling images that highlight or promote stories, ideas, and products.

After growing up in California, I moved to New York City, and am today based in Berlin. During my 10+ years in NYC, I edited and produced photoshoots within the media/entertainment industry. I also did image research, licensing, and developed effective photo processing workflows.

I have collaborated with a wide variety of people including: creative directors, designers, marketing managers, retouchers, social media mavens, publicists, assignment editors, film & television producers, executives, software engineers, and of course, photographers.

I studied photography media in university, learned how to shoot using film on a classic camera, and also taught myself digital imaging when it was still an emerging technology. I have great passion for the arts and want to support your creative endeavors.

My personal work can be viewed in this ongoing passion project.

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