Improve Your English With Tanya

A native speaker specializing in Business English
Based in Berlin, Germany


Business English

The different ways to sound professional, be polite, and sound natural in English can be a challenge. I can help with whichever areas you would most like to improve. This may include: telephone/email etiquette, making small talk, managing customers, handling complaints, giving a presentation, making polite requests, and more!

Communication ≠ Grammar

I focus on communication, and will work with you on practical, immediately usable language skills to improve your fluency and diplomatic tone. Communication is about making sure your ideas and intentions will be clearly understood. I concentrate your practice on speaking and fluency rather than grammatical precision.

Why Work With Me?

I am a native speaker from the United States (California and New York), with TEFL certification. I like to build a fun and supportive learning environment for my learners.

I want to help improve your English language communication and fluency. I will help you boost your confidence, and navigate different types of English language communication.

My Background

I have direct experience using different varieties of Business English - I once worked in the entertainment industry, a creative marketing team, in technology startups, and retail customer service. As you can see, I have been in many types of situations that required me to adapt my communication, and I would like to share how to handle them.

I studied art, film, and photography and am also a working artist. I have now been an English teacher since 2017. 

Let's Work Together!

My lessons are best suited for learners at intermediate level and above. You should already have a general conversational level of English. I customize my lessons to your needs.

I Offer:
*  1 FREE 30 minute consultation 

* One-on-One Private or Small Group Lessons

* Business English

* Travel English 

* Visual Arts / Photography / Design English 

* Marketing English
* Conversational English
* Slang / Informal Dialogs: texting, social media, idioms


Please contact me tell me more about your language goals. I look forward to hearing from you! You can email me directly at, or fill out the form below.

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